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by Ali
(Erbil – Iraq)

I have air compressor (XAHS 273, Atlas copo),

I can start the compressor without problem and loaded with air normally, but the issue is when I’m trying to switch it off the engine not stop, it display (stop failure) even when I press emergency the engine keep working and never stop

Note that before I start the engine, it display EIC warning Unack

Atlas Copco XAS 273 construction compressor
Atlas Copco XAS 273 construction compressor

Please help and many thanks in advance


Atlas Copco stop failure
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Well, there’s two main ways to stop a diesel, cut off the fuel or the air. Emergency stop (at least in North America) cuts off the air intake so it can’t run on environmental fumes.

So, it’s getting air when it shouldn’t, and probably the Unack is telling you there is some fault with the engine air control device.

Good luck.

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