ATLAS COPCO XAS 756 error code “engine not responding”

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by Eric Tulenko
(Rockaway NJ)

ATLAS COPCO XAS 756 Portable Diesel -error code-“engine not responding

Fluid Level all OK. Radiator clean and degreased flowing well.

No problems with Caterpillar 200hp diesel engine.

But error code on display states…”engine not responding”.

Atlas Copco XAS 756 air compressor
Atlas Copco XAS 756 air compressor

Will run loaded for 20 mins then shuts itself down.

What the heck is going on here?


Engine related…
by: Doug in

Sounds like it may have a bad tach, where the controller is expecting a change and either doesn’t see it at all, or sees it responding out of normal range. May be it’s heat related.

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xas 756 atlas capco

error code 1554 load prevention fire risk.
all fluids are good , cant find how to reset code
JD engine , xc 3003 control panel
starts fine but wont charge up or load compressor

Just trying to get on the same page with you, the alarm should clear itself, whenever the fire risk is corrected.

Not sure what you mean by charge up, but does this happen after a normal engine warm-up, but instead of going to “ready to load”, you get this error? Or something else?
Can you tell the engine rpm and vessel pressure?
And does it shut down normally when requested?

the enginn rpm is normal aprox 1000 vessel psi only goes to 18 psi .it does shut down normal . wont read ready to load .

Right. “error code 1554 load prevention fire risk.”
I don’t know what this refers to. Are there any other error codes?
However, this seems to be the only “inhibit load” code, so perhaps it’s just that the vessel pressure is so low. It outta be 60 or so psi.
Maybe blowdown valve stuck open?

I have the some issue with my 756. When I shut it off a few months ago, everything was fine. It was low on coolant when I just checked it, I added some and stared it, and it is giving me this code and won’t load. Everything seems normal other than that.