There is a huge number of Atlas Copco GA series compressors in use around the world today.

The GA series air compressors are oil injected rotary screw type air compressors offering the user, according to Atlas Copco a long compressor service life at relatively low cost in energy, with unique features providing a host of benefits to the buyer and user.

Atlas Copco must be doing something right, as their client base is world-wide, and their company has been manufacturing since 1873, originating in Sweden.

If your GA series air compressor is under warranty, the logical source for help is the Atlas Copco distributor where you are. This URL: gets you to the main Atlas Copco website from which you navigate to information about support and distributors in your part of the world.

Atlas Copco Ga Series Compressors
Atlas Copco Ga Series Compressors

This page is for folks to ask other GA Series users about their Atlas Copco compressor. While all of the Atlas Copco GA series have commonalities, there may be subtle differences between the models.

For this reason I am providing a forum page for each of the GA series compressors on which users can ask a question about a specifc GA series model.

As always, before posting your question it would be good if you would review the existing questions and answers about your Atlas Copco GA series compressor, as well as visiting the troubleshooting page for links to air compressor problems common to many brands. Your answer may already be there. If it is not, feel free to post your question using the form below.

Please let other Atlas Copco compressor users know of your experience with a specific GA series model compressors.

Here’s some info on the GA series that might help:



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