ZT 37 converter motor failure

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Converter motor failure
by: sukanto

We have problem compress air ZT 37 , if the power blacks out , compress air can’t start, and alarm converter motor failure.

Compressor ZT 37 up to now can not running.

Atlas Copco ZT37 air compressor
Atlas Copco ZT37 air compressor

Why…and can you help me about this problem..thanks


More compressor motor converter timeout
by: sukanto, Indonesia

Good day sir.. After power electric black out .when we turned ON the main power supply the display indicates ”all conditions are okay” but when we push the start button of the compressor, it didn’t run and it indicates ” compressor motor converter timeout”



ZT 37 VSD?
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

Fault code

Time-out communication error
between Elektronikon and Inverter

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