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Atlas Copco – XAS 375 T3 Element Temp UnAck alarm

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by Daniel
(Reno, NV)


I am troubleshooting a 2012 Atlas Copco Portable Air Compressor and it’s model number is XAS 375 T3. What I have found online is more information about the XAS 375 JD6 Model.

The air compressor operates for about 10-15 minutes under a load, but shuts down with an Element Temp UnAck alarm.

I searched for a while to find troubleshooting tools online and did not have much success, and not sure about having a slightly older model.

Atlas Copco XAS 375 air compressor
Atlas Copco XAS 375 air compressor

Do you have any tips for this type of alarm for troubleshooting and check out?


Atlas Copco – XAS 375 unack
by: Doug in s.d.ca

Usually means the thing isn’t responding.

Sounds like element temp sensor is going open (or maybe shorted) when it heats up. You may be able to check by removing it to see if it runs OK when the sensor is in free air, staying cool.

Good luck with it.

By Bill Wade

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