by Marty

I have an Ingersoll Rand 80gal 230V, 5hp two stage reciprocating compressor. The Model # is 2340N5-V. When it turns on, it appears to be struggling to come up to speed, then it blows the breaker.

2340N5-V Two Stage Cast Iron Air Compressor

2340N5-V Two Stage Cast Iron Air Compressor Photo:


I also see some sparks coming from the vents in the front of the motor. The compressor is less than 3 yrs old, but out of warranty. It also gets light duty, home use.

I checked the pump to see if it was load related, but the pump can be turned by hand with normal resistance. I hadn’t disconnected the belt, so the motor turns easily as well.

I thought it might be the starting caps. On visual inspection, they have no bulging and appear in good shape.

I suspect this is motor related, maybe brushes. But with so few hours on it, this is an unusual failure.

Thoughts or suggestions???

Sparks coming out the front… hmmmm? It sure sounds like a motor problem to me. Flat spots on the brushes from sitting idle, maybe?


RE:Ingersoll Rand Blowing Breakers
by: Marty

Thanks, I am thinking the same thing. The next step will be to remove the belt and see if the compressor still stalls. It is possible the pump is binding when it tries to get to speed. However, I would suspect it would show in the oil. I didn’t see any metal in the oil.

As for idle time, the pump runs at least once/twice a day (small leak in the plumbing, plus air removed to drain the tank). But, it certainly is not being used to the frequency it was designed for.


Tripping breakers
by: Bob Coffin

I have and Ingersoll Rand compressor model SS5L5. It was purchased in 9/06 for light home use.

About 2 months ago I tripped the 30 amp breaker a couple times and upon resetting it and turning on the compressor, and sparks shot from the shaft end.

I took the motor to a motor shop and they told me that there is a hole in the winding which was probably due to a weak spot. I am now looking for a new motor. About $426 from the IR repair shop. Good luck.


Ingersoll Rand blowing breakers
by: Marty

I got mine fixed. I bought a new motor for $295 and installed it. It worked well. The compressor is now back up!


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