by chris

Ridgid wheel barrel compressor popping breakers on job site? i plugged it in on my job site and the breaker pop after a few seconds i then plugged it into a generator it ran till it built up about 50 psi and the generator blew a breaker any ideas what is going on? rigid wheel barrel style compressor 110 volt.

New Ridgid wheel barrow air compressor
New Ridgid wheel barrow air compressor


The breaker pops as the compressor is pulling too many amps for the circuit, typically.

Reasons vary. If on a job site, how long is the extension cord? Better you don’t use one, but if you must, it has to be a heavy gauge to help prevent power loss to the compressor motor.

Other reasons could be a fully plugged intake filter, a start / run capacitor that’s failing, it’s too cold when the compressor tries to start, many reasons, and most are covered on the pages of this site.

Please add a comment providing more information if you wish, along with the model of Ridgid compressor you have.