Husky H1503TP will not hold pressure?

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by Richard Borgner
(Seaford, NY)

My compressor runs fine, and the tank fills with air, but the air regulator nob seems to be “popped out” permanently, and does not deliver air unless I force the red knob down.

Husky H 1503 TP air compressor
Husky 1503 TP air compressor

Even then, I can only get about 40 pounds of pressure delivered out of the hose. I think I need a new regulator assembly, but thought I would ask if you had any other ideas on how to fix the problem.


Husky H1503TP air
by: Bill

My Richard, this is another one of the mini air compressors made to look pretty by shrouding the working parts so that you, the owner, cannot get at them to easily effect repairs.

From what you have written it does sound as though the regulator is pooched.

You will need to get the shroud off to see what’s underneath. It looks like and in-line regulator with a jazzy knob and an external gauge.

If you are handy, then you can remove the regulator that’s there, with the air compressor off and air dumped from tank completely before you start, and then cobble in another general purpose regulator if you cannot find OEM equipment.

When you are done you may not be able to reattach the shroud, but then, in MHO they are usually a pain, anyway.


Solution found
by: Richard

I am pretty handy (ex-shop teacher), so I was able to dismantle the compressor. It turned out that the threaded shaft of the pressure regulator was stripped.

Already ordered a replacement OEM part, so I should be up and running soon.


H1503TP husky air compressor
by: Anonymous

…and the same problem. They Locktight the screw in the red knob so you can’t even remove the knob without shearing the screw.

Indeed – a generic $35 dollar regulator (up to 200psi) has to be retrofitted or eBay it.

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