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Over the years there have been quite a few questions about Par air compressors on this site. I thought maybe it was time to put a page together that focused on this brand, to allow Par compressor users a page to ask questions and to help each other.

Near as I can find, after spending quite a bit of time chasing down bits of data, Par air compressors was a division of the Lynch Manufacturing Company of Defiance, Ohio, USA, and these compressors date back to the 1940’s and 1950’s. Par was also into refrigeration equipment, and even food wrapping equipment.

So far the only source of Par catalogs and brochures that I can find are located at the Smithsonian where they have archived 7 pieces of literature in one box. Not gonna get to see those anytime soon, I reckon.

Here’s a photo of a Par model 15 that I found on line at an auction site. The unit sold for a couple of hundred bucks.

PAR Air Compressor Model 15

As I wander through the on line world looking for more information, a consensus seems to be building about Par air compressors. They were strong, reliable, long lasting and quiet. If you’ve got one, and it’s running OK, then it sounds like you have yourself a jewel of a compressor.

However, no where could I find any source for any parts for a Par compressor.

So this page is appealing to folks. If you know where parts can be found, please comment. If you have a documentation about Par air compressors, it can be uploaded as part of a comment, and then I’ll publish here so that all can have whatever info you supply.

If you have questions about the Par compressor, you can ask them here and, if you can help another Par compressor owner with some advice, please do so.

Thanks much.


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Linda M Munnings send me an email and we’ll talk [email protected]

I have a 1951 model 15 2 stage air compressor feel I love with it it is thee quietest compressor you’ll ever heat such high quality of manufacturing made in America when made in America ment something Unfortunately there was a problem I needed some air in the depth of winter and turn it on cold and heard a sound like two pieces of metal hitting each other long story short the crank shaft broke surprisingly it ran another 6 months before I shut her down and took it apart So im am now in the market for Par model… Read more »

Hello where can i go to sell my par and lynch compressor and how much is it worth it runs excellent and is in incredible shape

I have a par compressor a few years back I did get into the Smithsonian filled I did it on line all I remember seeing was a proto type drawing there might of been more but I’m not the best actually I’m probably the worst on computers I was trying to find out the oil to use and how to check the fill level . I love the beast it is very quiet and does produce a good volume of air I want to thank you for starting this site I will check back often to see any new information

Please post a couple pix similar to the one above, concentrated on the lower area of the pump.
“compressor oil” from the local big box or HFT should be fine, or full synthetic 20 or 30w if you want to spend the bux.

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I know it’s far fetched, but does anyone know of a replacement pulley for a PAR 15?
It’s a double belt, 14″, with a tapered seat.
Any info is helpful.

No, but if you haven’t. try scrounging around in an old equipment site, either commercial or pinterest type.
You’ll need to take some more exact measurements, of course.
You might post a pic of it here – someone may stumble upon it and have one…

Have a PAR model 50, S/N AS1700, Does it require a unloader valve? Current pressure swich does not have one and do not find one on unit. Thanks

If it’s like the one I just found at an auction site, yes, it does, and it’s built into the crankcase. It’s normally open, but when the pump comes up to speed it closes so air is forced into the tank. Probably your problem is the check valve, located near the tank, usually. You may be able to disassemble and clean it so it works again. Or might be a broken spring in it. If you don’t find that either, then the pump itself performs that function, and it has bad valves. Good luck. Send pix if that didn’t make… Read more »

Good day,

looking for a check valve or other options for a check valve compressor works great just keeps leaking back thru the head

That’s quite a little monster you’ve got there!
I see the ball cover was removed – is the valve beyond repair?

If yes, just check the threads on the inbound (pump) and outbound (tank) ends, and go shopping. Any inline or angled valve will work as long as you can connect it. It should be installed with the arrow pointing toward the tank.
It may pay to use a bushing or reducer one or both ends depending on what you find in replacements.
Don’t forget that pipe sizes are smaller than the O.D.
There’s a chart here:

Good luck.

Was there a picture for this one?

I have PAR model 50 AT966 5 HP. I’m concerned about what the oil level should be.
The fitting on the side (street elbow with a cap) doesn’t allow for much oil to be installed.

There was, but it’s gone missing.