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Over the years there have been quite a few questions about Par air compressors on this site. I thought maybe it was time to put a page together that focused on this brand, to allow Par compressor users a page to ask questions and to help each other.

Near as I can find, after spending quite a bit of time chasing down bits of data, Par air compressors was a division of the Lynch Manufacturing Company of Defiance, Ohio, USA, and these compressors date back to the 1940’s and 1950’s. Par was also into refrigeration equipment, and even food wrapping equipment.

So far the only source of Par catalogs and brochures that I can find are located at the Smithsonian where they have archived 7 pieces of literature in one box. Not gonna get to see those anytime soon, I reckon.

Here’s a photo of a Par model 15 that I found on line at an auction site. The unit sold for a couple of hundred bucks.

As I wander through the on line world looking for more information, a consensus seems to be building about Par air compressors. They were strong, reliable, long lasting and quiet. If you’ve got one, and it’s running OK, then it sounds like you have yourself a jewel of a compressor.

However, no where could I find any source for any parts for a Par compressor.

So this page is appealing to folks. If you know where parts can be found, please comment. If you have a documentation about Par air compressors, it can be uploaded as part of a comment, and then I’ll publish here so that all can have whatever info you supply.

If you have questions about the Par compressor, you can ask them here and, if you can help another Par compressor owner with some advice, please do so.

Thanks much.