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Just noticed my pressure regulator hissing – leaking air?

Devilbiss Prof 4000 air compressor

by Daniel(Windsor, Ontario) Using a DeVilbiss Pro 4000 compressor, with a pressure switch that causes the compressor to kick in…

DeWalt D55146 leaks air around Regulator knob

D55146 regulator repair kit - available from online retailers

What’s the fix for DeWalt D55146 that leaks air around Regulator knob by John Harrell(Orange, Texas) I have a DeWalt…

Air Compressor Pressure Regulator Troubleshooting – Replace, Repair or Fix

What Is Psi On My Air Brush Compressor Compressed Air Regulator

Air compressor pressure regulators are prone to troubleshooting issues, whether they need repairing or replacing. This page will provide you…