Adding an extra tank to a Husky compressor

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Can you add an extra tank to a Husky compressor? Yes, you can, but before doing so, it’s useful to know the why of so doing, and the potential issues with doing adding that extra tank.

The why is that an extra tank will give you is a larger reservoir of pre-compressed air, once both – or all – tanks are full and the compressor has shut off.

Husky H1820F air compressor
Add an extra tank to this H1820F Husky air compressor?

That means that an air tool can be run longer, without supply pressure falling as quickly, as the two or more reservoirs of air are used. That’s the upside.

Adding an extra tank to a Husky compressor

The downside of adding an extra tank is that the compressor motor, and pump, will have to run longer before the air pressure in the multiple tanks reaches the cut out pressure, and the motor and pump get a chance to rest and cool down.

If they are run for too long, the issue of duty cycle rears it’s head, and it is possible, if the compressor is run past the normal duty cycle for that brand and model, that the compressor may shut down on an overheat cutout, or the higher heat may damage the motor and possibly the pump.

Before embarking on adding an extra tank to your Husky compressor, and really, that’s not all that difficult to do, read up on the model you have and try to determine how long it can run at one time before so doing creates an issue for that model.

If the multi-tanks will all fill to cut out before the duty cycle for that model is reached, then you’re good to go.

Just don’t overdo it. Even a compressor with a 100% duty cycle will suffer damage if run too long and too often.

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