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How to unscrew the top on a Husky compressor model H1506F

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Husky 6 gallon model # H1506F how is the top unscrewed

Four screws hold the top in place , believe torx heads only seem to turn and turn with no results in removing them.

Husky 1.5 HP 6 gallon air compressor
Husky 1.5 HP 6 gallon air compressor

Allen wrench is what you need
by: drpsyd

the four bolts need a 3/16 allen wrench to remove. the problem is they are deeply set. I just hammered out my curved allen wrench and put it in a socket/ratchet with an extension. this worked fine. the truth is all i needed was the extension with the allen wrench attached. the screws were very easy to turn.


Thanks drpsyd, I appreciate the help.



Husky cover screws
by: oldfortyniner

The cover screws on my Husky #H1506F air compressor are M6-1.00 socket head cap screws that need a long 5mm allen wrench; the 3/16″ allen worked for me, as it is just 0.009″ undersized versus the 5mm.

I did notice that 2 of the 4 screws had slightly buggered threads after getting them out; this likely was caused by continual turning after they came disengaged but before they were removed from the deep well in the black plastic compressor housing.

To prevent this, tip the Husky on its side and then loosen the screws.

If you have to buy the allen wrench, you might as well get the correct size-the 5mm-and get one that is about 5.5-6″ long.

If you have an M6-1.00 die then I suggest cleaning any buggered threads before reinstalling; after all, the Husky is made in China and Chinese hardware is often substandard.

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By Bill Wade

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