Husky air compressor regulator issues

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by Jon
(Hatfield, Ma. 01038)

Why is Husky air pressure regulator knob increasingly hard to turn? My old Husky 1.5hp 6.5gal compressor’s Pressure Regulator knob now is increasingly, over several years, hard to turn.

How to remove the red knob and apply perhaps graphite or other suitable lube to the device?

Husky 1.5 HP 6 gallon air compressor
Husky 1.5 HP 6 gallon air compressor


Regulator knob
by: Doug in

Usually they just screw out and off counterclockwise.

But chances are it’s mechanically worn out due to cheap metal and or plastic components.

Consider replacing it, or perhaps add a second one after this one, open the sick one all the way and use the second one for regulating the pressure to the level needed.


Quick Fix, stripped Regulator Control
by: Norman Croy

Husky C201H. Pressure knob stripped and would not remain above 50 psi. Wrapped threads with electrical tape and rock on. Just a temp fix until part gets here.
Hope this helps someone.

Regulator knob keeps coming off on model 516-051

by Rick

i have a model 516-051 33 gallon.

When turning the knob to relieve the pressure from the line, I sometimes over turn it and it comes off.

Husky 561-051 air compressor
Husky 561-051 air compressor

Do I need a new manifold, or can I get a new knob assembly for this?


Regulator knob
by: Doug in

The regulator is not there to be used as a on-off valve. If you want that, it would be better to add a valve.

Otherwise, the quick connects can be connected and disconnected safely up to at least 150PSI.

You’ll have to get the assembly to get the knob, and if you plan to do that, fine. But if it were me, I’d replumb the thing with universal parts.

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