136424 Husky Compressor won’t start. Period.

by Ron
(Port Townsend, Washington)

Hello, I’ve been working for the past month on reconstructing 15 X 20 outbuilding that has been slowly decomposing into the mud since it was built in 1930. I had to jack up one side of the building because of the rotten wood and the whole structure sagging.

Husky air compressor model 136424

Husky air compressor model 136424
Photo: mastertoolrepair.com

Anyway, my Husky Compressor, Model No. 136424, 155 PSI, 19 Gallon has been getting a workout. I’ve been running mainly nail guns for the past month. I plugged it in as usual and it worked fine for half the day, when I noticed that my framing nail gun wasn’t working quite right.

I went to the tank gauge and it read 40 PSI.

I checked the electrical outlet and all the other electrical tools were working.

I bled down the pressure to try and activate the sensor switch and nothing happened.

I plugged it into the extension cord by itself and nothing happened. I thumped on it a couple of times and nothing happened. I’m baffled.

How does a perfectly good compressor just quit working?

I bought it from Home Depot a couple of years ago. I don’t know if I have the original receipt. I don’t know what’s covered under warranty or if it is even eligible. I really haven’t used it much until this past month.

Ron, use a multi-meter to check and see if power is actually flowing through the pressure switch to the motor circuit.

If the tank pressure is zero, then the pressure switch should have tripped to “passing” and power should be flowing to the motor. If it is not, then your pressure switch is suspect number one.

However, what I suspect from what you have written that you have been under powering your air compressor for quite some time, by using an extension cord. It is known that your extension cord, if not big enough (allow enough power flow) under powers the motor, the motor runs hotter than normal, and wears out sooner.

So, if you have power to the motor circuit, next check the capacitor(s) (see that page for how to do that) and if they are good, then you possibly need a motor check up.



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