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I have a VT6311403 AJ 60 gal husky electric compressor that I cannot get to start.

This unit is made by Campbell Hausfeld and I spoke with then today.

I have two 110 legs hot on both sides of the wall plug reputable when you go to one hot wire and ground.

If you test both 110 at one time the meter shows 220.

At the pressure regulator switch you have 110 on the black and 110 on the white same on the motor terminals 110 each.

The tech from Campbell Hausfeld said you should be able to touch both 110 wires on the pressure switch and it should read 220 volts.

Well when I touch both black & white terminals on the pressure switch at one time I get nothing at all but when I touch then one at a time and ground them I get 110 volts.

What am I doing wrong? He said the problem was in the breaker box I think he is wrong because I have changed out the breaker with another double pole 20 amp from another one that I know works for sure

I have even went so far as to tie the wall plug to another location in the breaker box that I know for sure that is a working breaker and still nothing the 3.2 hp motor will not start

I just don’t know what to do any more need some help please

Russ I am not going to comment on the electrical side of things as I am not an electrician.

I was unable to find specifications on your air compressor on line.

So, I am going to assume that your compressor is wired for 220 volts, and if the breaker is wired correctly and the pressure switch has the leads in the right locations, then, if the tank pressure is below cut in, you have power to your compressor motor circuit.

If you have power flowing through the pressure switch to the motor circuit, and there is no reaction from the compressor when you power up, my first thought is that something is halting the power from getting to the motor, and that something is often the start capacitor.

Your question is live now. I hope someone with an electrical background can comment on your wiring questions.

There is a page on this site about how to check capacitors, as well as another page about all of the things that you need to check when the compressor won’t start, both under troubleshooting.


Husky Pressure Switch
by: Russ

Using a double pole 20 amp breaker one black on one pole and one white on the other pole one green to ground bar. Yes the motor is wired for 220 it has a tag that says 220 only


Lost 220?
by: Doug in

OK, to recap, you have 220 at the outlet, but only 110 at the pressure switch.

The only way that could happen is if one side of the 220 is open between the plug/outlet and the switch, and the switch is “ON”.

With the switch “OFF” you’ll likely see the 110 on one pole and nothing on the other.

If that is the case, you may have a bad power cord.
Check that with an ohm meter. Unplug the compressor, measure resistance (ohms) from one pin on the cord to the switch. One side of the switch should read near zero ohms. If not, repeat with the other plug pin just to see that at least one side is zero ohms. Then fix the open (high or infinity ohms).

If that doesn’t pan out, please send pix of the cord plug end and the switch end.

Have fun.

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