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by AL
(Dover, Delaware)

I have a Husky 26 Gal Air Compressor Model # WL660900(AJ). It only fills to 50psi and shuts off.

Pressure will hold if not used. No Leaks If used, pressure will drop as normal but tank will not kick back on.

Have to wait several minutes to get it back on and then it will refill back to 50psi and cut off again.

I have replaced the Valve kit which included (Valve Plate, Intake valve, Exhaust valve, Exhaust valve gasket, Head Gasket, and Cylinder Gasket.

Husky compressor WL660900AJ
Husky compressor WL660900AJ

That did not resolve or make a difference.

I then ordered and replaced the Pressure switch, which included the Switch lever and Unloader valve.

This did not resolve or make a difference either.

Whats left? Or what could be causing this issue.

It used to fill to around 120 or more psi and auto kick back on once drops down to a certain level.

If you need any further info, please let me know.

Thanks for any Help you can provide me!



Al, under normal circumstances, it is the pressure switches role to either send power to the motor circuit, or cut that power off when the pressure in the system reaches the cut out pressure level.

You say the compressor is stopping at 50 PSI? Is the pressure switch tripping the compressor off, as in it’s cutting power to the motor, or is it a breaker or reset button that’s popping off?

If it is the pressure switch that’s tripping the compressor off at 50 PSI, then I have to think that either your new pressure switch is set up wrong with a too low cut off setting, it is a piece of junk, or it might be wired backwards.

Give me some feedback as a comment here, please.