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by Eddie
(Pulaski tn)

I have a husky 33 gal 165 psi air compressor and when the red knob on the manifold is tightened air starts to leak from it.

This is a fairly new compressor.

Husky 33 gallon compressor information plate
Husky 33 gallon compressor information plate

I’ve used it multiple times and just all of a sudden when tightened the red knob on the manifold air starts to leak from it. I have taken the knob off and inspected all parts and they all look good. What could be the problem?


Husky regulator leak
by: Bill

Eddie, are you trying to increase the downstream pressure setting, or lower it?

After you have adjusted the pressure on the regulator knob does the leaking stop?


Husky regulator knob leak.
by: Eddie

Bill, it leaks when I try to increase air pressure.


Leaking Husky regulator
by: Bill

And when you stop adjusting the pressure, does the leak continue, or stop?


Leak regulator
by: Eddie

It continues to leak. Only when it’s completely decreased it doesn’t leak


Regulator leaking
by: Bill

Well Eddie, that suggests strongly that your regulator diaphragm has been perforated.

Perhaps by oil degradation, heat, long use, whatever,they don’t last forever.

I suspect it’s time for a new one.

If you do get a new one, do take the old one apart so you can see what’s inside, and perhaps spot where the leak occurred.

If you do that, please start a new thread and upload some photos of the damaged diaphragm will you?


Leak regulator
by: Eddie

I appreciate it. I will certainly upload photos of anything I may find once I swap them out. Thanks for the help.

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