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Adjust Husky compressor back to factory settings

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How can I adjust pressure back to factory settings?

by Art Gand
(Jax, Fl)

I have 60 gal Husky compressor 220V that has been working great for at least 7 years.

The pressure switch on this compressor is made by Condor model MDR21. Inside the switch are two large springs with adjustable nuts. These are the only adjustable springs I can see. For some reason, one or two of the springs went out of adjustments perhaps due to vibration.

Condor technical manual says these two springs are the cut-in pressure.The maximum tank pressure imprinted on the tank is 135psi. How can I adjust this back to factory settings or set the cut-out to 130psi. Thanks

Art, it would be good to know what the actual pressures your compressor are experiencing on cut in and cut out.

In any case, according to www.generalairproducts.com, your pressure switch actually has three adjustment nuts.

The two at one end are the main calibration nuts. Turning these nuts clockwise increases the cut in pressure, and turning them counter clockwise decreases the cut in pressure.

If you look to one side of these two nuts, and just down a bit, you should see a smaller spring with a nut as well. This is the adjustment you use to change the cut out pressure setting.

You will still need to cycle your air compressor after each adjustment to determine whether you are on the right track in terms of the pressure settings.

By Bill Wade

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