Husky air tank rated for 150 PSI but shuts off at 135 PSI

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Husky tank rated at 150 psi but shuts off at 135psi. Is this normal?

I have a 26 gallon 150 psi oil less compressor.

Prv And Unloader Valve On Husky Air Compressor
Prv And Unloader Valve On Husky Air Compressor

The tank builds pressure up to 135 or 130 and shuts off, is this normal?

There is a little lever that pushes a pin down and release the all the air if the compressor is off.

Also on auto but turns motor back on once it reaches 100 psi. Iis this normal?

Picture of lever attached just bought it kinda of lost

Howdy… if there’s anybody that needs to read the Home Compressor cover to cover, it may be you. 🙂

When you say the tank is rated for 150 PSI, do you mean the plate on it says maximum pressure 150 PSI? The tank pressure has no bearing on the normal cut in and cut out pressure settings of the air compressor but is indicating the maximum pressure that the manufacturer states is the max the tank should experience.

That yours is cutting in at 100 PSI and cutting back out at 130 PSI is normal if that is the pressure settings of your pressure switch. If you didn’t alter those settings, then this is normal for that compressor.

The unloader valve is supposed to open when the compressor stops to remove any air trapped over the piston. This reduces the load for the compressor restart.

However, if all the air bleeds out of the tank when the compressor stops, if that happens that typically means your tank check valve has failed or is leaking badly.

Good luck and post a question if you have more.

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It is not normal. The previous commentator is also incorrect. If your tank is rated for 150 psi then the compressor ought to fill the tank until the tank reaches 150 psi. The operating limit is 150 psi whether it is a 20-gallon or 150-billion-gallon tank. If you dial in your tool psi to 100 psi and use your tools until that pressure drops below 100 psi then the compressor ought to kick back on and build back tank pressure until the tank reaches 150 psi. If you have a 20-gallon tank and continue using your tools at 100 psi… Read more »

Tank rating is not an indicator of pump rating.
That’s not to say that a compressor + receiver system rated at 150 psi shouldn’t go that high.
A 135psi system might have a 150psi tank, though. Safety margin, or just the tank happened to be in stock.