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by Roy
(Lebanon, Ohio, USA)

The compressor will not build pressure past 40 psi. The motor continues to run. The regulator will only adjust from 0-40 psi.

Husky TA2530B air compressor
Husky TA2530B air compressor

All water has been drained from the tank. Removed the air intake filter and covered the opening with my hand and felt suction.

With air filter in place sometimes it felt like air was coming out of the intake holes. The compressor is only used occasionally to fill mower tires, blow off chainsaws and remove mower blades.


See the page under troubleshooting about why air compressors run and don’t build pressure, for some additional things to check.

See the regulator page for a better understanding of how regulators work.

That you are feeling air coming out of the intake filter suggests an intake valve failure and will likely mean a pump valve replacement kit will be necessary.

And… a Husky TA-2530B has lack of pressure

by Jeremy
(Ontario, Canada)

I have a Husky TA-2530B compressor which runs fine but only builds up around 50 psi.

I also noticed a drop in the noise level.

I have taken the cylinder head off and cleaned the valve assembly which doesn’t appear to be damaged.

There are no leaks anywhere although air is coming from the hole in the oil filler cap and it seems to be coming from the air intake filter.

I’m at a loss. The unit is in very good condition only 2 years old.


This comment “although air is coming from the hole in the oil filler cap” suggests that you have air bypassing the piston seals, and pressurizing the oil sump.

This comment “seems to be coming from the air intake filter” is indicative of a failing intake valve, which is allowing air to escape back out of the intake filter when the pump is on the compression stroke.

The noise change could also indicate a gasket leaking.

My suggestion is to acquire and install a new valve and gasket kit, which should go far to solve the problems you have noted.

Problem with a HUSKY TA2530 reed valve
by: Anonymous

They, Husky, or Home Depot do not have a replacement reed valve nor could I find one anywhere. Campbell Hausfeld sold an identical unit and they do not service this part either. What a shame that a less than a dollar part causes users to through away an other wise good little compressor.

So, I made the exhaust reed valve out of two .010 feeler gauges and plugged the center hole with a set 5/16 Allen head set screw. You have to file down the set screw to clear the hold down bracket and make sure it does not protrude to far in to the compression chamber.

Another example of consumer built in obsolescence.

What a shame and waste of resources.


Parts Are Available
by: Paul

Call 877-636-0533 which is the Chinese company that makes the compressor. They are in Tennessee and a very nice man by the name of Larry will sell you the exhaust valve and gasket. Just got mine 5/19/2017.

(Moderator note: according to my phone number check, the number shown in this post is from a Husky compressor manual and is the number shown to find your local repair outlet.)