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4 Gallon Husky Compressor stalling and circuit popping at 60 psi

by Jim

I have a 4 gallon Husky compressor that is rated up to about 125 or 150 psi.

When the compressor is empty it kicks on and runs just perfectly normal, but at about 55 psi the compressor motor bogs down and begins to “chug chug chug” like it is building too much pressure and the motor can’t handle it and then the breaker on the machine kicks.

I know the pressure is not too high because I can only get about two or three good nails out before the pressure is too low. Once the pressure gets down to about 30psi i can hit the button to kick the motor back on and it will do the same thing back up to about 60 psi.


If you don’t have a mechanical issue in the pump that is overloading the motor, and you aren’t bleeding off compressor power to other appliances when your compressor is trying to run, and you aren’t using an extension cord, then I expect your  compressor has an issue with a capacitor.

See how to test the capacitors on that page on this site.

I suspect it’s that or the compressor motor itself is wearing out.

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