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This page contains questions, answers and comments from visitors about Husky air compressor not building air pressure properly. Do you have the same sort of problem with your Husky air compressor? You can post a question at the end of this page.

Husky model 946275 air compressor
Husky model 946275 air compressor

Compressor will not build pressure over 40 psi

by paul
(winfield, mo.63389)

HUSKY 22 GAL WL660500AJ will not build pressure over 40 psi and continues running.

I read the troubleshooting article and not sure if it applies to me.

Turned compressor off, no leaks. Holds the 40 psi for days. Thought tank gauge was broken, replaced it. Same problem.

I bought this compressor for $50 used, and many parts appear not to be original.(30 ft elect cord, tank gauge placement)I am not afraid to sink a little money and time into it. I have a pump/motor on order. Any other suggestions. pump is WL390002AJ. I should probably shorten the cord, but how much? This is a small motor/pump maybe 1 or 2 hp.oiless. Appreciate any suggestions CH also has similiar version.

Paul, that the tank holds air tells me that the check valve is working.

Unplug it, drain the tank, close the drain, and plug it back in. Now, if you can pull the intake air filter, feel the port to see if you can tell if it’s pulling air in, or pulling in and puffing back out.

If it is puffing air out the intake port, then you have a valve problem.

Let me know if this helps via a post to this thread, please.


Husky 30 gallon quiet series has no pressure build up

by robert
(redding ca)

my husky 30 gallon “quiet series” turns on when plugged into the wall but it will not fill up with any air or pressure.
Do you get any pressure build up at all Robert or it just runs with zero pressure build?

If you pop over to the site map page under troubleshooting and follow the links to the page about why air compressors will not build pressure, you will see some checks you can do. Do them, and then add a comment here with what you found, OK?

husky 2.5 compressor is not building pressure

by Pedro
(san jose ca. )

Doesnt want to build any pressure zero husky 2.5 gal. still new only a few hours ,it huuums like a vacume cleaner it realeases the air

Pedro, are you saying that your air compressor will not start, and just makes a humming sound instead of pumping air?

And, please, what do you mean by “it releases the air “?

Please post your responses as a comment here so I can follow the thread.



My Husky Compressor Wont Build to Shutoff Pressure

My husky compressor just keeps running, up to about 60 psi in tank and then wont go higher. a week ago it would run to about 90 psi and keep running no higher pressure.

does not leak out when off, holds the pressure pretty well for week or so.

what is wrong? should i just trash this thing?
Well, whether or not you trash it depends on how handy you are, whether you have time to tear it down and rebuild it if necessary, and if the cost of air compressor parts necessary is higher than you wish as compared to the price of a new air compressor.

You don’t indicate the model or the age, but if you’ve gotten good life out of it, and don’t want the hassle of repairing it, keep the usable parts (pressure switch, PRV, gauges, regulator, etc.) for spare parts and get a new air compressor.

See the sitemap page under troubleshooting for a link to a page about why an air compressor runs but stops building pressure. Do the checks. That may help you decide.

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