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Husky doesn’t stop running … it reaches just over 155 psi?

by Mark

I have a small 1.5 Hp Husky air compressor about 2 yrs old. It is a 155 max psi and was working great until recently.

Once it reaches just over 155 psi the release valve opens and pressure drops to about 60 – 70 psi.

This cycle keeps going with no end. I’ve tried looking for a switch to adjust the pressure but has none. Any ideas on what might be wrong with it. The model is H1503TP

Husky 1503 TP air compressor
Husky 1503 TP air compressor

Mark, the device that turns the compressor on and off is the pressure switch.

If the compressor is not shutting off at the normal cut out pressure, then the compressor switch is probably failing.

However, the PRV should not be letting go at “just over 155 PSI” either. That suggests that the cracking pressure has been compromised somehow, water from the compressed air perhaps, and it’s releasing too soon.

I would think that the PRV would not crack until at least 10 PSI and maybe 15 PSI over the normal cut out of 155 PSI.

Consider dumping all the air, removing the PRV, and rinsing it in solvent. Let it dry thoroughly, cycle it a few times by hand, and then reinstall it and run up the pressure again.

Any change?

If not, maybe acquire a new PRV, one that cracks at 160-165 PSI or so.