Husky compressor ran low on oil

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Husky ran low on oil and locked out?

by Amir
(VA / USA)

Has 10 hours of work on it, almost new. A 30 gallon, 2 HP Husky – it ran low on oil and by the time I arrived from the opposite side of the shop (2 minutes, max), it had locked out. Very unforgiving!! Is there a fix or is it pretty much good for the parts now?

Amir, after you have added oil, did you hit the motor thermal overload reset switch?

If you did, does the motor try to start or not?

Husky 30 gallon air compressor
Husky 30-gallon air compressor

A consequence of running a reciprocating air compressor that is low on oil is heat build-up. This has the potential to warp metal, friction-bind moving parts, and overload the drive mechanism and electric motor.

If the motor failed completely then you will need a motor rebuild or a new motor.

If the motor tries to run and cannot operate the compressor pump, that would suggest an overheat in the pump to the point where parts have seized.

I cannot tell from here whether the Husky air compressor is salvageable or not.

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