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Husky air compressor won’t build past 40-60 PSI

by Brandon

The motor will run and build up this pressure but it just keeps running without adding any more pressure. Where do I start looking and what should I try first?


All good questions Brandon. Please  go to the TROUBLESHOOTING page, and click the link to “will not build pressure”. Pretty much every reason why an air compressor will run and not build pressure is noted. After checking some of the things referred to there, if you have another question, post it here as a comment, OK?

By: jackie

I have a husky 9414735, the model before the 41004.

Is it normal when it pumps up to 120 psi for all the air to leaks out by the end of the day or next day??_______________________________________


You either have a plumbing leak, or a leaking tank check valve I would think.

Husky VT631505AJ wont build up past 50 psi

by Jonathan
(Jackson NJ)

Hi I have a Husky 30 gallon tank compressor model VT631505AJ.

It will start up fine once it reaches at 25 psi it slows down and 50 psi it stop the motors wants to go but wont.

Husky-Pro-VT631503AJ 30 gallon air compressor

I have turn the pump by hand and its not locked up or anything like that.

I have checked the check valve and it looks like it is working correctly.

I have also taken the head apart to look at the piston and rings and that all seems to good.

I have swapped out motor as well just because I had an extra one and still no luck. any help would be great thank you

Jon, an increasing load as the tank fills with air is causing this problem, at least that’s typically the reason.

That you changed out the motor (and presumably the capacitors on the motor too) concerns mean as the usual culprit in this type of air compressor problem is the run capacitor is failing.

If you didn’t change caps, then that’s likely the issue. If you did, then, we’d have to look deeper into the problem.

Did you change anything about the power supply to the compressor… using an extension cord now or other appliances pulling power from the same circuit… that sort of thing?

Husky Compressor Output pressure

by Ross

I am using an air compressor for the first time. The Husky compressor comes on, and pressure builds in the tank.

However, when I turn the dial designed to control output pressure, nothing happens. The manual suggests running the unit with an open drain valve for fifteen minutes, which I did. The unit worked once after doing that.

Now I am trying to use the compressor again…with no success. Do I need to run the unit with an open valve for fifteen minutes before EVERY use?

Hello Ross. Nope, you should not have to break in your air compressor every time you use it, which is what the 15 minutes with the tank drain open does.

If you have air in the tank, it’s 99% certain that you have compressed air reaching the first component in the discharge piping, and in a small DIY type air compressor, that is the regulator.

To help diagnose the problem, please post a comment responding to…

1)What is the pressure on the tank gauge?

2)What is the pressure reading on the regulator gauge?

3)You say “The unit worked once after doing that “, what do you mean by this, the tank pressure went up to cut out, the regulator gauge showed a pressure reading, and when you attached an air line, air flowed?

Jan 17, 2012
Problem with Air Pressure Rockworth Compressor

by: Mike Smith

When I run the compressor the tank pressure shows 130 lbs but the regulator guage shows zero pressure. I have run it several times before with no problems. I tried running it for 10 minutes with the tank valve open and then after closing the tank valve and turning it on again the tank pressure shows 130 lbs, and the regulator guage only shows 5 lbs. pressure. I still can’t run the air tools. What should I try next?


So, the compressor runs properly, the pressure in the tank gets to the cut out level and the air compressor stops, but no air is getting past the regulator?

Then the adjusting knob is turned to off, or, the knob has become disconnected from the internal mechanism (try pushing or pulling on the knob to see if that makes a difference ) and failing that, your regulator might be pooched.

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