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by Tim
(Tampa, Fl, USA)

It’s a Husky Air Scout compressor.

While working a job. Switched to a longer brad nail to attach some Trax composite trim. Wouldn’t shoot brads completely. Released air valve for tank. Compressor ran but wouldn’t reach 115psi.

Husky Air Scout air compressor
Husky Air Scout air compressor


Husky Air Scout won’t build pressure
by: Bill

“Compressor ran but wouldn’t reach 115psi.” OK. That you were changing air nailer sizes shouldn’t have anything to do with this. It is likely (I think) just coincidence.

That the compressor runs and runs but doesn’t get past 115 PSI can most often be nailed down to one (or more than one) of three things. The intake or pressure valves are failing, the piston rings are failing, or a gasket in the pump lets go at 115 PSI and the air simply circulates inside the pump.

There are some checks you can do, those noted on the pages on this site. Maybe do some of them and let us know what’s what?


Husky oilless will not build pressure past 80psi
by: Alan

Hello, I’m please post if you found the problem as my old husky oilless started doing this today also.


Piston ring worn out
by: alan

Hello, I commented yesterday asking if you found a solution as my husky was also only able to build pressure up to 80 psi.

After taking it a part I found the piston ring was torn. The piston was pressed together and I tried working it a part with a chisel but ended up breaking a chunk off the piston.

I plan to trash it as it’s not worth putting money into this old compressor.


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