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Need a service/owners manual 3Z323C

by Dave Wardall
(Sacramento, CA)

I inherited a nice 1 HP Speedair compressor, 1 Hp. It has an oil tube on the compressor at the driven pulley side of the crankshaft/crankcase.

I need to service this lube point. How to clean the sponge and what, 30wt. non-detergent oil I presume?
Where can I find a service/owners manual. Not available on Grainger’s web page.

Dave Wardall

This compressor is similar in size and shape to the Speedaire 3Z323C

This compressor is similar in size and shape to the Speedaire 3Z323C


3Z323C manual

by: Doug in

… Rare thing, if not absolutely “unobtainium”.

Your guess sounds about right, but I’m confused about the “sponge”.

Is it a wick of some kind under a cover? If so, I don’t think you need or want to clean it, just add oil if it appears dry.

Otherwise, can you post a pic or two of it?

Old speedaire compressor…

by O’Neil

Hello there, i have an old speedaire compressor and i cant get hold of a new belt can u guys help me in any way. I am not in the U.S i’m in the carribean in curacao plaese let me know how u can help a.s.a.p thank u in advance. O’Neil.


Hi O’Neil:

Lots of interest in getting Speedaire Compressor Parts in the last few weeks. Must be a lot of folks getting theirs out of storage? 🙂

In any case,I have no connection with Speedaire except that their tech support people were very helpful when I contacted them…they seem like nice folks.

In terms of getting your Speedaire parts, visit the main Speedaire page on this site follow the guides to getting parts, even if not in the U.S. or Canada.

If that doesn’t help, visit Speedaire on line and talk to them directly.


by: [email protected]

I have belts just a few i need to know which one you need the model of the compressor?

Identify a dayton Speedaire compressor

ive got a v-twin dayton made airpump all numbers are worn off. the tank looks like a 20 gal, the tank was made in 1969 by the kargard co it has a 1 1/2 hp 1725rpm type k dayton capacitor ac motor #67893 awf3 driving it. its wired 110. it has only a black and whitr wire for both the motor to regulator switch and from switch to power . i would say it has 4 inch bores two filters the size of a spray can cap. thats all the info i have. i thank you for your time


CH or Champion
by: Anonymous

Most Daytons are actually Champion pumps. A few are Campbell Hausfelds. A photo or three of your compressor would certainly help.

Squirrel cage for Speedaire model 5Z0344

by Ken Carlson
(Bellevue WA)

I have a Speedair model 5Z0344 2hp, direct drive compressor and I need a replacement squirrel cage (5 5/8″ diameter). I’ve tried Grainger and Master Parts to no avail. Any suggestions?



Squirrel cage

If by the squirrel cage you mean the fan for cooling the motor, you might try automotive parts stores, air conditioning parts supply, or, if there is an oil burner dealer nearby, the blower on the oil burner is often the squirrel cage type.

Anyone else?


Squirrel cage

by: Ken Carlson

Not sure what happened to the old one. I took the cowling off to inspect, replaced it and when I turned the compressor back it the cage literally disintegrated.

Good news – I found a replacement part at Campbell Hausfeld.  The part # is HL001500AV.

Air compressor fan HL001500AV

Air compressor fan HL001500AV “squirrel cage” type.

Thanks for the suggestions!