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Ingersoll Rand 185 IR diesel compressor pumping oil with the air.

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by Raul
(Miami, FL, USA)

my 185 IR diesel compressor is pumping out the oil from the compressor with the air.

It was working fine until it started doing this. what could be the problem?

Ingersoll Rand Model 185 air compressor
Ingersoll Rand Model 185 air compressor

Thank you



by: Doug in s.d.ca

Usually the separator.

Has routine maintenance been performed?


by: Raul

After your comment, I READ the manual and saw where it stated the changing of the separator filter… I always read the manual… yeah…Right…

I thank you for your enlightening reply… That took care (I believe) of that problem, but while testing, the shaft seal blew out… is it that it is now generating more cfms?

sell, new seal is on the way, and will be able to test some more…

Thank you for the help.



It has been running fine good for several weeks now
by: Raul

It has been running fine good for several weeks now, so I believe we may have dodged the bullet for now. Thank you for the help. I want to thank Doug for his post and Bill for having this site … Duh… what do I know now, is that I should have serviced it before and changed that filter while doing specified maintenance.

Thank you both.



You are welcome,
by: Doug in s.d.ca

glad to be some help, and thanks for the update.


Just an update… -:)
by: scootertrs

just an update… -:) Always wondered why the factory spent so much money printing those manuals describing the scheduled service intervals… I know why now!… Compressor has been running like a top for 3 months now (fingers crossed)…

Thank you all.

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