Ingersoll Rand 185 shutting down

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by Mike Laverty
(Manchester NH)

This air compressor will run for how ever long and then it will just shut down.

Let it sit for a little bit and it will run for how ever long then shut down again.

Ingersoll Rand P-185 air compressor
Ingersoll Rand P-185 air compressor

The fuel system looks fine.


185 shutdown
by: Doug in

Coolant / radiators?


Oil separator?

Does it quit like it’s been shut off, or does it bog down? Possibly injectors.


It’s looking like a bad sensor
by: Mike

It shuts down like a bad sensor, I am trying to bypass them now, but not having much luck.

Existing Ingersoll Rand P185 tow behind compressor pages:

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Just bought a P185 and when we start it, as soon as we let the switch go, it immediately shuts down. Oil – filters etc are all good. Any ideas?

Are you holding the switch long enough to build pressure?
Can you send a pic of your control panel?

my 185 starts stays on for a while then stats to bog down and then it shuts down. It continues to do this over and over. what’s my problem

Clogged fuel line/filter?

My P185 is doing the same thing, we think it is some sensor but don’t know which one to start with.

Runs fine at times, we have boiled out radiator, changing, thermostat now. Unit doesn’t have a true temp gauge so can’t diagnose properly

I see the problems posted but no solutions or what you found to be the solution…

Did you ever figure out solution