1987 Ingersoll Rand 185 blowing air out of pressure relief valve.

The air compressor is starting fine but when i push the air button the pressure relief valve blows out air and oil


Old Ingersoll Rand 185 air compressor
Old Ingersoll Rand 185 air compressor

by: Carls421

You need to replace your seperator filter, its blocked and wont let air through it which causes the safety valve to blow


Another solution
by: Anonymous

Had same issue diaphragm in unloader was torn cost about 60$ now works perfect.

Of course had to adjust regulator as well.

Could see where if regulator not working properly could cause same issue.


IR 185 continuously builds air…
by: Anonymous

what if it’s not the diaphragm in the regulator? And has new separator filter and still keeps building air.


Safety Valve
by: Carl

Depends on which safety valve you’re talking about…
The one inside the compressor or the one on the air receiver (tank)

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