Ingersoll-Rand P185WJD parts catalogue

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by Paul Lage
(Bridgeport, Ct)

I won a 2003 Ingersoll Rand P185WJD (serial# 335186UBN221. It has a John Deere engine (model# 4045DF-150B 4.5 liter) with 505 hours on it.

Ingersoll Rand P185wjd Damage
Ingersoll Rand P185wjd Damage
Ingersoll Rand P185wjd Damage
Ingersoll Rand P185wjd Damage

The compressor took a nasty tumble and substantial damage was done to it. I’m trying to find a parts catalogue for that specific compressor. Can you assist in this?




P185WJD parts manual
by: Doug in

Well, if haven’t already, your can download the manual from the IR 185 page on this site.

For detailed parts, I-R should be able to help.

Have you tried them, or were they unhelpful?

Existing Ingersoll Rand P185 tow behind compressor pages:

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Kent we have a 185 with bout 700 hours on it and oil started coming out the outlets! Was wondering what the problem may be!

Depending on how much oil is coming out:
It’s either overfilled, the scavenger tube is blocked, or the separator collapsed and/or is way beyond when it should have been replaced .