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by Rick (Greenwood In. Usa)

Can I bleed the fuel system or is there a pump somewhere?

An older Ingersoll Rand P-185 air compresssor
An older Ingersoll Rand P-185 air compresssor


Ran out of fuel
by: Doug in s.d.ca

You probably need to bleed it at one of the injectors.


Hand pump
by: Anonymous

There should be a hand pump that is on the bottom of the housing for the fuel filter.

Otherwise just drown it with starting fluid until the engine starts picking up the fuel on its own. Its not the greatest condition for starting because of the lack of lubrication but it will work. I have done it a zillion times and so far nothings blown up.


Bleeding your IR 185
by: KG

Bleeding the JD engine start at the cylinder injector farthest away from the fuel pump.

Back off the injector a couple turns only, now crank over the engine until the diesel fuel flows.

Now tighten the injector. Wait a couple minutes to give the battery a short rest now spray a good shot of Quick start fluid in the breather intake port.

Crank it for up to 8-10 seconds it should start to fire and gradually come up to idle speed. If not repeat the process, bleeding the next injector etc, etc.

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