Ingersoll rand 185 cuts out under load

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When valve are close it seems to run OK but when valve is opened even half way it starts to cut out and upper radiator hose expands.

Could this be due to a faulty thermostat?

Ingersoll Rand 185 air compressor
Ingersoll Rand 185 air compressor


by: Doug in

The engine radiator hose?

Anything’s possible, but I’d be replacing that hose before it bursts.

Does the engine accelerate when you open the valve?


185 cut out under load fix
by: Trevor – Barbados

Your problem is in the unloaded or suction valve – same thing.

It must be always close – there are two springs in the big diagram shaft a big one on the outside and a small one on the inside, that’s your problem.

Take off the intake side of air filter holes and make sure the big silver plate is closed – should be normally closed.

Existing Ingersoll Rand P185 tow behind compressor pages:

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