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Do you need information about a different brand of air compressor, one that is not currently featured on my website I already have quite a library of information about different brands air compressors on this site.

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Over the eleven plus years I have been publishing this website compressor brands have come and gone. Plus, almost every big box store now has their own brands. My home area is North America, and there are lots of air compressor brands in other lands that I (but not others) may not have heard of?

Older Air Compressor = need information about a different brand fo air compressor

Perhaps you need a manual for a compressor brand not currently listed, or have a problem with it, or not able to understand how something on that compressor works?

This page is here to help yourself and others when you need information about a different brand of air compressor, one not currently featured on this site.

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With each posting, and as time permits, I will create a new page for that brand of air compressor if it is not already featured on this site. I will then provide a link in your post so that others, with the same make of air compressor, and hopefully the same model, can provide help, or, in turn, add their own question about that compressor brand. I hope this helps.

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I need information about a different brand of air compressor.

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Powermate air compressor warranty 
where do I go to register for the warranty on the LA1683066?

JOHN WOOD compressor maintenance 
AN INHERITED FATHER-In-LAW Tool: JOHN WOOD MFG Conshohocken, Pa SH149HD149RHELL NATL BD HSB MFR 200LB 650 DEGREE F 82655 U69 1948 I would like to …

What kind of compressor i have? 
i posted a question to find out what kind of compressor i had..and never got a response back so now im asking i listed all info i had and posted pix there …

Please help identify this compressor? 
ok i looked thru the brands on this site,and the 2 tags that are on the compressor i got don't say any of them,so i`ll write down all the info from both …

Need any info on Energair 1 1984 
Really need the air filter. Would love to have any documentation on the 1984 Energair 1, model: 2B20E20A

Ajax Model 5m-60v SERIAL # g1820618 

1969 Kargard spewing oil 
I have a 1969 Kargard tow behind compressor gasoline 4 cylinder Continental Engine. The engine runs well , but my major problem is that there is compressor …

Valves for old Lynch air compressor. 
Hi Bill, I am rebuilding the old Lynch air compressor that has been in the family for many years. The year on the air receiver nameplate is 1954. …

Parts for this brand of compressor? 
Looking for reed valves for this compressor (speedway 03939 4.5 hp. 25 gallons tank. Where can I find one?

Seeking information relating to a Charge Air TM300 
Would like any spec information relating to an Australian Charge Air TM300 with an Ingersoll Rand tank. It has a belt drive with a 2hp electric single …

Worthington OF6XH-6 

Need help identifying and pricing and old air compressor pump 
I have an antique air compressor pump that I don’t know anything about on top it says -2 right below that there’s a capital letter a in a capital F that …

Kargard compressor specifications and manual 
I have a 1962 Kargard Company compressor that I inherited and am looking for the specs on. I was told it was a 5hp, 80 Gallon Tank, 220V unit but want …

Info on a Carlson MK200 wanted please! 
I have here a Carlson MK200, HP 1.5, 5.3gallon, max pressure 116PSI, ??? I would love a manual on how to use, clean, etc...can't find one anywhere 5.3 …

How many HP is TX 0002 CH1 compressor? 
I have a compressor that has TX 0002 CH1 on casting It's a two cylinder and green in color.

POINT ZERO model: 55E 25 PSI output 
Need instructions how to attach it properly to airbrush hose.

Oholiab N35 ser. # 355080 
Can not find anything on this pump, need rings.

Help identifying this air compressor from Italy 
i hope one compressor picture is not too much, 3 was too big.

Parts and service advice for a wayne air compressor 
I have a wayne air compressor, it seems to have developed a leak in the bottom of the tank. Where can i get replacement parts or can you suggest alternatives. …

wanted: owner's/parts manual Jacuzzi Bros 331 twin cyl single stage 
Looking for the owner's and parts manual (I recall about 4 pages including maintenance and a parts diagram) for Jacuzzi Brothers model 331, twin cylinder …

Ajax 5M-80V 5HP parts info 
I believe Ajax used Sanborn compressors I am looking foe a parts diagram and a source for parts for a 1985 Ajax 5M-80V 5HP 2 stage 200 PSI 80g air comp. …

Jenny compressor blows my air lines...  
I got a Jenny air compressor and I had done an overhaul on it which included rings gaskets and the valve plates for the intake and out take for the pump …

Need to find out what make of pump as need a pulley/flywheel 
Basically it's a miss mash of parts now I'm looking deeper. There's no identification marks. It's got a straight 7/8 shaft with a keyway. Blue, unlike …

Professional woodworks gas compressor 
Was running just fine, then the blow off valve kept blowing consistently. Now the compressor won't build any air pressure at at all. Is the the problem …

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Proforce vpp0200604 hums. 
Proforce vpp0200604 compressor just hums.

Parts for Alton AT01204-6 portable compressor? 
I broke the plastic housing for my Alton AT01204-6 air compressor. I am looking for parts for this model

Should I rebuild MK 35000 compressor? 
I purchased a shop with an old USA CO MK 35000 Compressor. It works, but is very oily. So I think it's leaking a lot. I was thinking the compressor …

Air Compressor used on Willys jeep 
Hi Bill, good afternoon, I would like to know if you have any information about air compressors that were used on the Willys jeeps that were mounted at …

HL2/140 SPERRE has too much sound  
Our air compressor HL2/140 SPERRE start time too much sound. I checked this time relief valve open and too much sound. Please I need help what problem …

Parts needed for a Joy 60 gas compressor 
I have an old Joy model 60 gas with a 4 cylinder flat head. I'm needing a fuel pump and manifolds. Can someone point to some good parts places for …

Parts for Kargard 639219 
CRN-B-2476.65 639219 WD 165 shell 107 Kargard 1973 pump: 210 - 5 848984-P 21/2 x 2 This all the info I could find on the unit. …

Worthington 650 ? 
Compressor motor says Q256400E, but the motor is what I’m trying to find more info on. All I know is on the side it says CWC K295 and it is a gas 4 cylinder …

Old pioneer air compressor 
Hi. i try to find information about a old pioneer air compressor.but i dont find pics or brochures or any information. So wondered if there …

Redline air compressor 
I am looking for manuels on a redline air compressor model 1500. Stock # 39-9507

Need info on Kargard model L66 
twin compressors need info motor id's kat4-0100 cabn serial#CT N7G 12789 single phase 220

Looking for year of mfg of W.R.Brown Speedy Sprayer 
W.R.Brown Speedy Sprayer Compressor w/ 1/3 hp GE motor @1725 rpm But what yr of MFG? By the way, it's for sale.

Westinghouse 1VC-W8 rebuild 
Does any on have the Westinghouse 1VC-W8 high side head with valves, I am not able to remove the valves from my high side Aluminum Head.

Westinghouse Air Compressor Model 1VC-W8 
I am trying to fined rebuild kit for my old Westinghouse air compressor model 1VC-W8

Reviews on performax 26 gallon air compressor? 
whats the scoop on performax 26 gallon air compressor ?

Bauer H13V-E1 wont start automatically in AC mode 
whats wrong compressor will not automatically start?

Axle/Brake Parts for Smith 175 
Looking for Brake backing, axle seals, hub/drum, bearings for a 175 tow behind compressor. Any help on what parts.

Worthington 6/6/4 1/2 x 2 3/4 
I need as much info as possible, and is it possible to even get parts for the old beastie? Im looking at picking it up at bargain barrel price and it looks …

ge model 5kh37nm265jx 
I am trying to find out the psi for a ge air compressor model 5kh37nm265jx, serial number YPL170761

Compressor number 45868 - tank is 60 or 80 gallons 
60 or 80 gallon tank the number on the compressor is 45868. Would like to know what year it is what type of oil does it use how much oil should I put …

Fliteway P-34 Porta-Pac s/n 4267 
i need the check valve ass. going in to the tank for the no load start

Samona - China made - too many wires! 
Samona-China made,has 5 red wires, 2 black wires,1 white wire all straight from the stator. No color is shown from the schematic that it shows, I have …

make and value portable pacemaker compressor 
I just acquired a 1 HP portable pacemaker made by henke manufacturing inc milwaukee wisconsin, has a leeson motor on it, i can not find any info on it.Iwould …

Werther, Panther P 15TC 
Hi Bill! I stumbled onto your site, trying to find some answers a bout a silent compressor I came across. I attached a few pictures, one of the current …

SIP06233 Airmate Nimbus 25 compressor leaks air 
My SIP06233 Airmate Nimbus 25 is leaking air from drain valve. After last use I opened the drain valve to drain condensate. When I came to use …

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A-3050-7 8313  
the pump color: light blue metallic Numbers: A3050-7 8313 WI It is a single cylinder

Foaming oil King Canada Air Compressor 
I changed the oil in my King Canada Air Compressor - model 8449. Used Topring Reciprocating Compressor Oil. 'Guy' at the store told me how much to put …

Model 2218 reciprocating electric air compressor 
This compressor was sold by Fliteway. The air tank developed a leak, due to the previous owner never draining the water from the tank. It also was left …

Master Power mpac521 manual and testing? 
looking for service manual and/or user manual for Master Power air compressor by cooper tools model #mpac521 twin stacked tanks w/150psi max. Trouble …

Weaver air compressor info requested 
I have a weaver air compressor Type: WPV51 Serial number AL292. Where can I find a manual and parts for it? Also how can I connect a Kobalt serial number …

Weaver. Model. 330. Ser. # 228500  
Its an old aircompressor but has been given to me so I thought I will try to mix it , it needs a new secondary cycle, (the smaller one) its broken , it …

Parts for a PPV-50-228 LuxAir Compressor 
Bill, where can I get parts for my Lux air compressor, model# PPV-50-228? I mainly need intake air filters. Ed

Air end screw housing for mulitquip 
Need a air end screw housing. 130ss model powered by Isuzu 4 cyl. diesel. 1990 vintage maybe some one has some old stock that will save my compressor. …

What power for magnum pro air compressor? 
Line voltage and breaker size for 60 gallon magnum pro air compressor. All stickers have been worn off. It's a 60 gallon belt driven compressor with …

International harvester Compressor 
Compressor running poorly, don't know where to start.

Flow rating of Tecalemit air compressor? 
we have a Tecalemit air compressor which has a Ingersoll rand type 30 pump fitted that has broken , we have found a second hand type 30 model t7 5" & 2.5" …

Wolf air cheyenne super 14 blowing breaker 
I have a Wolf air cheyenne super 14 cfm 3 hp that instantly trips breaker but does nothing. Have replaced switch and both capacitors to no avail. …

Rockworth Classicair 2 gal compressor keeps blowing 3A internal Fuse 
Hi, I was wondering if you might have any information on a Rockworth Classicair 2 gallon air compressor? I received this from a friend because it was …

Black Bull 4 gal 2 hp that runs but does not pump air 
the compressor runs, appears to be working but does not pump air and pressure up. Opened it up and piston and everything is intact.

Breaker on Unoair compressor pops frequently 
Unoair twin tank cub-2016 115 lb blows the compressor breaker regularly and frequently. Might be 3 minutes or 3 seconds. Any ideas?

Automan AE7 REBUILD KIT availability ?  
where can i buy a seal kit for a 1982 automan ae7? i live in jacksonville fl.

Bearcat Air compressor Kellogg Manufactoring 
We have an old Bearcat Air compressor (serial number D15553). We are wondering what year it might be and what size motor should be on it. It's mounted …

U.S. Air Compressor Production Date 
Just looking for date and/ or any general information for this unit. I've had it for 15 years and prior to that it was in my uncles garage for as long …

Jacuzzi compressor motor will not start under load 
I have Jacuzzi Bros. compressor with 2 horsepower Baldor capacitor start and run. It starts unloaded fine but will not start after pumped up and bleed …

serial number 032085L-167765 
I need a new holding tank

Capacitor hookup for Automan AE7 Compressor 
Hi. Thank you for taking my question. I purchased an Automan AE7 5HP Compressor. It has a marathon MVA 184TBDR7026 BNL 5 HP MOTOR. The person i purchased …

Einhell air compressor has humming motor 
Compressor not working, motor hums. Replaced capacitor still did not run. Removed capacitor and it attempted to start. Inside, I can't see inertia switch …

Info on a energair 1 compressor  
Does anyone have any info on a energair 1 compressor. It's a 60 gal 5hp energair 1

Sealey SAC10030VE getting hot on one side  
Hi I have a sealey 100 litre compressor the model number SAC10030VE the problem is it wasn't filling the tank with air so I replaced the reeds now …

performax 26 gallon compressor slow building pressure 
Performax 26 gallon compressor. runs for 30 seconds then shuts off for a minute then runs for 30 seconds. and on and on.slowly building pressure. New pressure …

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Pro Source model 1113C broken manifold 
Need manual for Pro Source 2HP 13 gal compressor model 1113C Need to R&R broken manifold.

Parts for older compressor 
I have a farmer with a compressor that has gone bad. It has no tag on it. The tank was built in 1976. If I would get the bore and stroke could I get …

Energair 1 60 gal 5hp slow running 
It starts up slow and then continues to run slow. Take the belt off and the motor runs great. What do I need to fix this

Need manual for webster 34 
Just got it for free! how many cfm etc.???

Big Red compressor model number BRA233VP 
I think it was made by or for Snap-on. Pretty sure it's a 2 horse 30 gallon. It's electric and has a switch to swap back and forth from 110 to 220. On …

Unloader valve connections on techelemit compressor 
i have a techelemit 5.5 kilowatt compressor with a seperate pressure switch and unloader valve. The valve seems to be connected to the star contacts …

Identifying a vintage compressor 
Hello, I'm a maintenance tech at Boise State University and we have an old compressor with a broken con-rod on the #2 piston. I'm trying to identify …

Dodgy Motor? 
I have this compressor which is probably …

Only One gauge on Stanley compressor I am going to buy 
I was just wondering if there was any reason why there is just one gauge with the red knob to change pressure i assume and not 2 where you normally have …

Modifying a General Air compressor to garage use (air tools) 
Hi Bill, Modifying an air compressor used for fire protection to garage use (air tools) I inherited a very solid air compressor made by General Air …

Still Ford Air Compressor 
We are looking for information and value of a Model 87 Still-Ford air compressor in reasonably good condition. Attached is the original brochure. It …

info or manual on John Deere a200 compressor 
I am looking for specs and information specifically about the motor on a John Deere a200 compressor

John deere will not stop running 
Will not stop running until it releases all air out then it keeps on running continuously.

TSC Industries, Inc  
I just bought a relatively old model 39-9011C TSC Industries, Inc 20 Gallon portable compressor for my personal use and am trying to locate a couple of …

decora mgf Co model d-1 
I have a decorative mfg Co model d-1 air compressor has Delco 1/3 HP electric motor. Can anybody give me any information on it such as year made if …

Info on airco ohio medical compresser 
Have you ever heard of an airco ohio medical compressor? model a690k7ba s/n sq23500

Help changing oil on T34380 Wabco compressor? 
Changing oil on Wabco compressor need to know how much? I have maybe 1950's Westinghouse Air Brake Company T34380 Air 2G XX CMR E tank air compressor. …

Eagle Compressor 
Any info on a small compressor named Eagle that is supposed to be super quiet?

Still a bit confused on the 20w 
Hi,when you stated any 20w as long as it has no detergent,do you mean 20w with no following other number,like this 20w. Or 0-20w 0r 20w-40 or 20-50 etc, …

Need help to identifying these parts on Sellar compressor 
Hi,just bought my first compressor and want to restore her back up,hopefully to use for sandblasting now and then and to use air tools. But I Really …

Info on Ajax or IMC 60 Gallon Compressor ? 
Im looking for a manual to this compressor. It says ajax on the tank and IMC on the compressor also says 2 stage Not exactly sure what it is. any help …

Ajax model # 5M/60 ID# F0570040 manual 
I'm looking for a manual or/and parts list for this compressor It is a 2 stage compressor with a 5 hp motor, 60 gallon tank.

Info on Dresser 400? 
Looking for specs on this compressor running rom speed, com. Etc. thx lance

20 gallon IndustrialAir randomly blows breaker 
I have a 20 gallon HP IndustrialAir model IL1682066 belt drive oil lubricated compressor that will randomly blow the breaker. At times it works fine …

acm-100 gardner denver compressor 
looking for part diagram for this very large compressor, looks like twin cylinder being run by 1 wisconsin ahh gas engine rated at 9.2 hp thank you …

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Dresser Industries models looking for preventive mtce info 
both are Dresser Industries Ser. No. 3184X227 and, Ser. No. 3217X383 really need the preventaive maintenance schedules for them Thank you so …

Fliteway Air Compressor # 046624 missing part 
A tube runs down from the top of the compressor down to a valve in the side of the crank case. The part that goes in between the case and the tube is missing, …

duracraft model# 24855 
I'm considering buying this compressor. Can you tell me anything about this ?? I can't find it at all. Thanks,Kevin

Aeraspray compressor pump 
I have an older V twin cylinder Aeraspray compressor pump. I understand they are from Birmingham, England. Quite how old it is, I have no idea. …

Parts for a Speedway Series 03939 
Speedway Series 03939 (4.5 HP, 25 Gal, Direct Drive.) Looking for parts list and reed valves, Gaskets.

Compressor turns on, suction port blows air 
Compressor turns on, suction port blows air. No pressure in tank. AmPro - PA2000-1 I have no idea where to start or how to ask. please assist.

Par Compressor gaskets and information please 
I have a Par compressor Model 31, serial # AO 3722 BP. I need to know if a gasket set is available for the compressor, I'm to believe that the electric …

Why surge alarm on Regulus P300 compressor? 
Why surge alarm is getting in air compressor after exactly 30 minutes of startup? In my plant Elliott make Regulus P300 Air compressor is running for …

Replacement parts for Alton Compressors 
I have an Alton 3.2 gallon, 2.5 HP air compressor, about 10 years old. Thank you for the information about changing the oil. However, in the process, I …

Ampro pa 2000 compressor wont start 
Ampro pa 2000 compressor wont start.

Puritan Bennett rotary air compressor  
Help locating a Puritan Bennett rotary air compressor. Bill, I am working on a generator project where they -plumb pressurized methane gas into …

Fliteway Horicon Wi. 
small 10 gal with single stage V twin pump find no name on pump what make is the pump and HP rating

Which way should pump rotate on a 1938 Scaiffe compressor? 
Bill: I've had conflicting responses to my question about which way a specific pump should be rotated by a (replacement) motor. The original post/question …

Rotational direction for Scaife & Sons pump? 
In the ten days it has been posted, I appears I have garnered no responses to my question at …

Great Lakes Tool Mfg. Inc 2Hp 4.6 gallon twin stack air compressor - Thermal Rest Keeps Tripping 
I have a Great Lakes Tool Mfg. Inc 2Hp 4.6 gallon twin stack air compressor. Direct drive, oiled, 120 volts 13.5 Amps. The air flow is great …

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