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SPERRE HV1/140 Compressor PRV Blows Off

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by Edwin

hi bill,

I have a problem with my newly overhauled air compressor. brand SPERRE HV1/140 water-cooled, two-stage compressor.

SPERRE HV1/140 compressor PRV blows off
Sperre air compressor

According to the manual safety valve or PRV blows off when there is a restriction going to the 2nd stage valve or high-pressure valve, I changed the new safety valve and changed the new complete valve both stages but still, I have the same problem. It blows air on the safety valve after 1st stage before going to 2nd stage.

Hoping for your immediate answer thanks in advance and more power


Edwin, if the PRV between cylinders is blowing off, then either PRV is failing or you must have some sort of restriction slowing the air moving from the first to the second cylinder. This is back-pressuring the line, the pressure builds and the PRV lets go.

Typically that’s an intake valve or pressure valve on the second cylinder, but it could also be a failing tank check valve which is preventing easy flow of air into the tank, and that also may back pressure the cylinder and the line.

However, I’ve had absolutely no information about this compressor and invite those who do to post a comment.

By Bill Wade

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