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I have air leaking from Gentilin inter stage safety valve?

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by Muhammad Imran

Hi there!

I have a Gentilin air compressor C330/20 which is malfunctioning due to air leaking from inter stage safety valve and thereby compressor getting heat up.

For this reason air pipe which is supplying air to PRV broken and one of 60 micro fared capacitor also blown.

This PRV is the part of pressure switch. Air leaking stops when air pressure inside the cylinders reach cutout point.

Gentilin air compressor C330-20
Gentilin air compressor C330-20

I have replaced Check Valve, Pressure Switch with safety valve and also polished both reed valves because they were rusted. During opening one of gasket of reed valves was also damaged but now it is replaced.

Furthermore I also exchanged the seat/ fitting of NRV but problem is still there.

Please be so kind and help me regarding this issue.

Thanks in advance for your support.




Is the PRV itself failing? Is it cracking open at the right pressure or is something lubricating the PRV allowing it to cycle at a lower pressure? Even though as an oil free compressor there should be no oil in the air, it might be water and tank debris.

If this problem is in a line between two cylinders often the issue is with the intake valve on the downstream side of the PRV. If that valve is creating a blockage, then the pressure in the line increases beyond the normal level, and the PRV lets go.

Or it could be something in the cylinder or line to the tank that is causing back pressure causing the PRV to crack open.

Could you check some of these and let us know.

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By Bill Wade

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