RA250E20 User Manual?

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I finally found a 20 gallon horizontal tank for this compressor head for $50. Between that and the fittings, it cost around $100 bux to get this thing running again. So I “broke even” so far.

Only thing is, it won’t shut off at 100 psi. I forget how to adjust the mechanical relay to get it to shut-off when I want.

Also, the original relay pedestal was mounted directly to the tank with a 1 1/2″ pipe thread opening.

But this one I connected to a reducer street elbow and then 1/2″ copper tubing going into the side of the new tank where the connection is.

So I wonder if that reduction is causing the relay to not shut-off at 100 psi. I don’t ever run my compressors over 100 psi, and usually run them at 90 psi.

Anybody have a User Manual for this DeVilbiss compression head? The Relay is Square-D.

Thanx … Chris


RA250E20 Setting Pressure Relay
by: Anonymous


I found how to set the relay here:


It’s pretty simple.

But I still want to get a User Manual if one exists. Anyone?

Thanx … Chris

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