Air compressor pump Identification

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by Thierry G Papion
(Fall River NS Canada)

I just inherited this wheelbarrow air compressor assemble by RK machinery Inc. in Canada which is no longer in business.

The pump looks a lot like an Ingersoll Rand 4000 compressor unit. The unit is about 8 gallons and provided about 125 psi. It turns off a 2hp electric motor made by Doerr.


The compressor is a model CP-208P-SS

Compressor Pump Top View
Compressor Pump Top View

The air compressor pump as a number embossed on the side plate which is 3 EN 23836.

3 En 23836
3 En 23836

The body of the pump is made of cast aluminum and likely no more that 15 years old.

Any insight would be appreciated.



Air compressor pump is an ABAC
by: Anonymous

Its one of the many different iterations of ABAC throw away aluminum compressors used by many different companies over the years.

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