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Kargard Industries compressor model #755752 Information

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by richard
(peachtree city, ga)

Kargard Industries 755752 compressor

I am looking to buy at auction. It is very rough if not beyond repair. I may end up buying to just to try and rebuild.

Kargard Industries 755752 Compressor
Kargard Industries 755752 Compressor
Kargard Industries 755752 21894249
Kargard Industries 755752 21894249
Kargard Industries 755752 21894250
Kargard Industries 755752 21894250

I need as much information on this as I can.


Kargard Industries 755752
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

Looks to me like there should be a pump on the bottom shelf along with the motor – but there’s just space there – are you sure it *has* a pump?


Kargard compressor 755752 has knock
by: Rich

I have almost the identical twin to the one in your posted photos.

I had to put my own motor on it, but the pump seemed good. I’ve only ran it for a couple of hours and it has developed a knock.

I cannot find anything as far as parts listings or service manuals. I was just lucky enough to click on your post and recognized it immediately.

Mine, I believe is in quite a bit better condition. Do you have the covers for both front and back?

They are a mesh type steel cover that is held in place with wingnuts. I would like all the info I can get. Thanks.

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