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About air compressors helps you solve your air compressor problems and provides lots of information to help you select a new air compressor should you be in the hunt for one.

There are hundreds of pages on this website describing pretty much every air compressor part, what it does, where it goes, along with scads of pages about installing, plumbing, using and troubleshooting your air compressor.

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  1. First please look at these pages with common, cross-brand, air compressor problems and solutions.

  2. Then follow the link to your brand of compressor, to find solutions to compressor problems common to specific brands of air compressors.

  3. Use the Sitemap page. for a list of all of the pages on this site. Find the pages that relate to your compressor problem and the solutions.

  4. Then, use the many search boxes on about-air-compressors.com. They will help you find the pages on this site that provide information or solutions to your air compressor issue or problem. One such search box is next. Help yourself!

If still no luck, then visit the appropriate forum page. - See the list of forums on this page. Post your question in the appropriate forum if you would. I or some of the many thousands of folks that visit this site every day will try to help.

Some Visitor's Comments

  • David J. R. says "Thanks to Doug pointing me in the right direction! - THIS WEBSITE ROCKS!"
  • Chris says "Hey Bill thanks for your help it was the regulator, changed it out and things back to working great compressor run all my tools, thanks again"
  • Randall says "...compressor is running great, it unloads at 125psi and cuts back in at 90. Would have never fixed without this site....thanks Bill"
  • John says "Your advice regarding my compressor issues is greatly appreciated. Your website is very helpful - especially for guys like me lacking training and experience diagnosing and repairing compressors. "
  • Wolfgang says... "You are correct - the CAPS are the problem".
  • Mike says... "That was it. Before looking at your diagram, I didn't know the regulator was unidirectional, and the arrow on the back was not obvious. Turned the unit around and now it works great. Simple solution. Thank you for your expert feedback."
  • Eddie C. from Ohio says... "Cutting 1/2" off the end worked. It went straight to 120psi then shut off. Thanks..."
  • Jerry says "Right on the money Bill! I removed start cap. and even tho all looked well, it was BAD. I replaced it and all is well and compressor works with no problems. Many thanks....(is there a way to make a contribution to help keep your site going?)"

Bill says... sure Jerry. Buy my book (see below) and then we both win!

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Thank you very much. Bill

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I am very appreciative of the contributions to this site from many compressor knowledgeable visitors, and in particular to Doug s.d.ca., Buster and Carl.

To the many that have, and continue to, contribute their knowledge to help other air compressor users, please accept my sincere thanks.