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What is the absolute max rpm of an Emglo KU pump?

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by James
(Edmonton, AB)

I have an Emglo with a 15.2/7.6 Amp motor and the KU pump. But I would like to increase the pump speed so as to get enough air to spray paint a car. I am going to put a larger diameter pulley on the motor.

The compressor runs continuously, and hardly slows down at all when it starts to pump each time (at 100 lbs), so I’m sure it can handle more.

Also, I only need 80 lbs pressure at the pump, and I will set the cut in/out pressures to 80/100.
So, I need to know the max rpm that the pump can go. A 7″ pulley will increase the rpm to a hair over 1200 rpm.
I looked on the Jenny website and it does not mention the max rpm.
I’m looking fwd to some good input. Thanks in advance;

Also, I need the model no. of the air filter and where to get it. It’s holes are 1 3/8″ and height is 2 3/8″ between the holes


by: Doug in s.d.ca

The rating is 1100, but I’ve seen ads where they say 1200.

This is a quality pump, and it’s probably conservatively rated, so I think you’ll be OK at 1200, although it may still not be enough for your purpose.


Increasing cfm on a KU pump
by: James B

Thank you very much Doug.
Concerning getting enough air: Upon looking at the chart on the Jenny website, I’d estimate that the KU pump puts out about 6.62 cfm @ 90 psi at 900 rpm (I think in terms of 90 psi)

By experience, 8.5 cfm @ 90 psi is just enough to spray paint a car. If rpm relates directly to cfm, at least in a narrow range, then a 6.5″ pulley on the motor should result in:

a) 1121 rpm at the pump (based on pulley sizes and motor rpm)

b) 8.25 cfm

I think I’ll do that, as I feel a bit uneasy about going close to the 1200 rpm limit.

I found two suppliers on eBay that had various sizes of pulleys that could take either a 1/2″ (A or 4L) belt or a 5/8″ (B or 5L) belt.

Also I’d like to add something I’ve figured out : an industrial quality compressor, such as the Emglo, will get more cfm per Amp of the motor, because the rpm of the pump is lower than a domestic compressor, such as Harbor Freight. The HF one runs at 3000 rpm (vs the Emglo at 900), thus way more friction.

And the life of the pump will be shorter with the HF one.


Emglo KU pump
by: Doug in s.d.ca

All sounds good to me.

Let us know how it works out, please.

Always good to have confirmation of this sort of stuff.


Getting more air
by: Jim

I have for years used a 100 lb Propane tank hooked up to my compressor. You will get a lot more air reserve build up when you are not using any tools. Whether for an air wrench, painting, air nailers etc.

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