Emglo Air Compressor Will Not Build Full Pressure – Troubleshooting

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By: al, US

My Emglo k15a-8p turns on but does not seem like it is running full speed.

it builds pressure slowly and only up to around 80psi. I think it is setup as constant run as when it is full of air, it still runs, but something happens and it runs much quieter.

Now the compressor runs in this “quiet” state all the time. any ideas?


I searched for an Emglo with your part number, and found one with the same model number by Jenny. Is this Jenny shown below the same as your compressor?

Jenny K15a-8P air compressor
Jenny K15a-8P air compressor

Constant run compressors have valves that control the intake. When the pressure in the tank reaches cut-out pressure, then that valve opens, unloads the compressor, and the electric motor can run with almost no load, saving wear, tear and energy cost. Typically this scenario works for liquid fuel driven air compressors, or the bigger rotary screw / rotary vane type.

If your compressor only runs “unloaded”, then likely you’ve got a problem with the unloader circuit.

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