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by Benny
(Crystal Lake, IL.)

I have what appears to be an Emglo KU pump on a compressor with no motor.

Emglo Ku Compressor Motor
Emglo Ku Compressor Motor
Emglo Ku Compressor Motor 2
Emglo Ku Compressor Motor 2
Emglo Ku Compressor Motor Missing Filter ?
Emglo Ku Compressor Motor Missing Filter ?
Emglo Ku Air Compressor Pump
Emglo Ku Air Compressor Pump

What size HP/RPM electric motor should I use?

What size diameter pulley should go with it ?

Is there a missing filter on the head of this pump as shown in the last picture?

Appears to be older than 2005, is this a continuous type motor.


Emglo KU electric motor size & filter
by: Bill

The info I found shows it driven by a 1-2 HP motor. That seems a bit small to me.

If I had 240 volts available, and it were my compressor, I’d go at least 3HP and might even go 5 HP if price weren’t an issue.

Anyone else?


Motor mystery?
by: Doug in s.d.ca

The pulley size depends on how big the motor is and what speed it runs at.

The pump is operated at 500-1100 rpm.

Decide your motor (5-6HP or less) depending on how much air and electricity you have available.

Then you can decide on your pulley.


KU motor size / Intake Filter
by: Benny

Thanks for the info!

I can now find a electric motor maybe a 2 or 3 HP with a fixed RPM and than figure out the size pulley to get in the Spec. range. My other concern is the intake area/filter. As seen in the pictures, it has an opening of about a 1″ x 5″ opening. Is it missing an adapter plate or something? Maybe I’ll just cover it with scotchbrite pads….


by: Doug in s.d.ca

Ya know, I can’t really tell, but I’m starting to think this isn’t a KU –

Maybe you can get some better pictures? The intake on the KUs in the parts catalogs appears to be a pipe fitting off the head and parallel to the flywheel.

Might be a good idea to talk to one of the on-line parts places to see if you can verify exactly what you have there.


by: bob

yes i believe it is a ku model pump i have the exact same and yes thats the correct filter, i have an off brand gas motor i cant find any info on that isnt running, on a set of twin tanks, and ku pump. i need to know what hp with a gas motor to run with this


gas engine size
by: Doug in s.d.ca

You might get away with a 80CC or so (~3HP), but for the price diff I’m seeing looking around right now, you might wanna play safe and get something closer to 200CC (6-7HP). It might use a little more gas, but will probably last longer.


KU motor
by: jason

Your ku should have a real 1.5 or two horsepower Electric motor, 15 or twenty amps.

If how to size a motor pulley, we have a guide with a worked example on our site!

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