You can see tow behind air compressors (portable construction air compressors) everywhere. They are frequently seen on construction sites and on road construction, in construction yards and so on.

The owners of these tow behind air compressors have issues with them too. Often long used, ill used, through inclement weather and inhospitable conditions.

Tow behind air compressors - modelXATS-375

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This page is a venue for those using portable type of construction compressors that have no other page on this site to ask questions about that particular brand. The form for asking a question is at the bottom of this page.

Thanks a bunch to all of you who post questions, and to the very kind folks that take a minute to offer advice about a compressor problem by adding a comment to that specific post. We all appreciate it.

Do you by any chance have any construction compressor manuals in digital format? If so, please contact me and I’ll arrange to put it up here for all to download.


Existing questions and answers about various brands of tow behind air compressors:

Smith 100D tow behind will not idle down

I have a just bought a smith 100D 100 cfm 125psi 302 ford, tow behind compressor . As soon as it starts it

Air compressor won’t throttle up

I have a Yanmar diesel with an Ingersoll rand tank and compressor mounted to a trailer for portability.

Grimmer Schmidt bogging down

Grimmer schmidt 125 cfm tow behind compressor Ford 302 gasoline Monoblock.

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