Smith Tow Behind Air Compressor Will Not Idle, Runs Flat Out?

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I have a just bought a smith 100D 100 cfm 125psi 302 ford, tow behind compressor .
As soon as it starts it runs wide open and when I close the main air valve that goes to the hose the motor dies. Does it ever go to IDLE ? Is this normal ?? Thanks, Loren, Dickens Iowa.

Smith 100D air compressor similar to Loren's
Smith 100D air compressor similar to Loren’s


Might be pressure sensor
by: Doug in

No, this is not normal. Could be pressure sensor or engine control stuck/jammed.


Leak in after cooler
by: Loren

I found a leak in the after cooler will this cause the unit not to idle down? And if so is it a big job to fix it? Thank You, Loren


Let it warm up first!
by: Anonymous

Let it run for a minute with valve open. Lets the engine warm up and it will not die out.

I am having a lot of trouble finding parts for my Smith 100gp tow behind compressor…specifically a carburetor. Any idea where to get this? I can’t find anyone that knows anything about these compressors, asks Shelley.


Shelly – its a Ford 302. I’m attaching a manual. Doug from

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Atlascocpo software not starting for air compressor type ZT315VSD


it looks like a Lindsay set up it up so there is a air valve that shuts down throttle commin to stick. Find and take the top off, careful not to drop washers, clean and put back together.

Or governor rod rusted in pivot, use some pb blaster or take out and sand and grease.

Should be a red switch for warm up:idle switch located on rear of valve cover for gad engine side of motor