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Smith Tow Behind Air Compressor Will Not Idle, Runs Flat Out?

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I have a just bought a smith 100D 100 cfm 125psi 302 ford, tow behind compressor .
As soon as it starts it runs wide open and when I close the main air valve that goes to the hose the motor dies. Does it ever go to IDLE ? Is this normal ?? Thanks, Loren, Dickens Iowa.

Smith 100D air compressor similar to Loren's
Smith 100D air compressor similar to Loren’s


Might be pressure sensor
by: Doug in s.d.ca

No, this is not normal. Could be pressure sensor or engine control stuck/jammed.


Leak in after cooler
by: Loren

I found a leak in the after cooler will this cause the unit not to idle down? And if so is it a big job to fix it? Thank You, Loren


Let it warm up first!
by: Anonymous

Let it run for a minute with valve open. Lets the engine warm up and it will not die out.

I am having a lot of trouble finding parts for my Smith 100gp tow behind compressor…specifically a carburetor. Any idea where to get this? I can’t find anyone that knows anything about these compressors, asks Shelley.


Shelly – its a Ford 302. I’m attaching a manual. Doug from s.d.ca.


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