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Ingersoll Rand Tow Behind Compressors

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There continues to be a substantial number of questions about Ingersoll Rand tow behind compressors – also known as construction or portable air compressors, on this website.

Since it is clear that lots of owners are having a difficult time with them, I have created this page dedicated to the range of Ingersoll Rand tow behind compressors to provide a place for owners with problems to post a question, and for those that own them to help others if they wish.

Ingersoll Rand Tow Behind Compressors
Ingersoll Rand C185 Tow Behind Air Compressor

With tow behind air compressors, there are a couple of things to make clear when you post. One is how that air compressor generates compressed air – whether it’s a reciprocating compressor pump or a rotary screw type pump for example, and the other is what is the power plant running the compressor – diesel, gasoline, etc., along with the actual model of that compressor.

On an electrically driven compressor often the motor driving the compressor pump shuts off when the tank pressure reaches the cut-out pressure setting. With a construction-type tow behind compressor, the engine driving the pump never shuts down during air use, rather, the pressure switch operates an unloader that throttles the motor speed up and down as air is being used and when more compressed air is demanded. These controls clearly are an issue for folks, and you will find posts about them.

As always, if your IR tow behind is under warranty, your compressor dealer is the first place to go for help. If that doesn’t do it for you, then, may contact IR directly if you think they will help, though I expect the frequent response is a referral back to the dealer. Ingersoll Rand’s contact info is:

Energy Systems (IR)
800A Beaty Street
Davidson, NC 28036
P: 877-IR-POWER (477-6937)
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://energy.ingersollrand.com

For information and manuals, you can visit www.irtechpubs.com for all tools, fluids, and air product manuals and technical documents.

A Continental-L-Head-F-163 Overhaul Manual can be downloaded by clicking here.

If you have a problem with your Ingersoll Rand tow behind air compressor (a.k.a portable air compressor) and you have already reviewed the existing submissions for any answer there, please use the form at the end of this page to post your question.

Can you help others with their Ingersoll Rand tow behind air compressor issues? Please see the existing posts and add a comment to help if you can.

Do you have a manual for an Ingersoll Rand tow behind compressor in digital form? I’d be happy to post it here for all to download. You can upload a PDF using the form at the end of the page.

My thanks on behalf of all Ingersoll Rand tow behind air compressor owners and users.


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By Bill Wade

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