Ingersoll Rand P-175 Tow Behind Compressors

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Even though there are thousands of Ingersoll Rand P175 tow behind air compressors in use and for sale around the world, so far at least, I have not been able to get any information on this venerable compressor from IR, except that it’s a portable, and that it’s supposed to provide 175 CFM of air flow.

The oldest P175 I’ve seen on line was built mid-70s, making the model number at least 40 years old!

Have you an IR P175 construction compressor? Feel free to use the forum form below to send in a few photos and give us some history on your P175 air compressor, if you would like to brag about it a bit. Or complain, for that matter!

Ingersoll Rand P175 Air Compressor
Ingersoll Rand P175 Air Compressor

Lots of them are in use. Not a lot of information about fixing or maintaining them… at least as far as I’m able to find. So, this page is all about letting owners and users of the P175 compressor to post questions about their compressor.

If you have experience with the P175 and see a question you can help with, please comment. That helps the one person, and anyone else that finds the page that is experiencing the same issue with an IR P175 portable compressor.

All IR P175 compressor users, and me, say thanks a bunch.


Existing questions about an Ingersoll Rand P175 Tow Behind Air Compressor:

I/R with 3 cylinder Deutz won’t start

I have an Ingersoll Rand 175 air compressor with a Deutz 3 cyl diesel F3L912 that i can’t get it to start.

New comment? New question? Please add it here along with photos to help others help you with your compressor and equipment problem!

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Would any know how to go about finding a technical service manual for the overhaul and rebuild of the Hercules g1600. White model engine? It’s from 1985 it’s the updraft Barrel carbureted overhead valve board 4.000 everything standard size Thanks!

Probably best to get the serial off it and contact White or a Hercules parts distributor…

Oh, and I don’t know this is any use to you, but I stumbled on this which has some parts info at the bottom.

Anyone have a manual for the p-175? What kind of oil goes in it? Where do I add oil?

I was reading that the compressor takes 10 weight oil detergent type and there’s a big filter up there you spin on that you might want to change just take the filter to hydraulic company or something like that or a truck Keller truck parts and match it up. I just bought a p175 with the white 1600 engine in it the guy said it wouldn’t run or just keep shutting off turned out that it was missing the ballast resistor which in turn burned out the coil, it runs like a champ no. w the next step is to… Read more »

I believe the information I was reading was under my door when you lift it up on the distributor side of the motor look up above on the door there should be a sticker that tells you the type of oil Etc that goes in the compressor and servicing information.