There are many brands of compressors on the market today and you may not realize that many of them have the same air compressor pumps.

Despite the fact that the air compressor is a different color, a different brand or a different appearance, the air compressor pump, the part that drives the air into the air compressor tank, may be similar on a range of air compressors.

The problem is, no where is there, at least that I can find, a chart or guide that will tell compressor owners what air compressor pumps work with which air compressor brands or models. Or could work with little or no modification.

For example, the pump in the picture is said to fit several models of similar sized air compressors including Porter Cable, Sanborn, Black Max, Coleman, Devilbiss and Kobalt.

Air compressor pumps

That’s where this air compressor pumps page comes in.

If you have knowledge about certain air compressor pumps that you would like to share, this is the place.

Who makes the air compressor pump would be good info to share.

What model compressor is that pump on now, and what compressor models and brands would it fit?

This is information that will be golden for folks trying to fix an air compressor by replacing the air compressor pump.

Can you help? Great.

I ask only that if you provide information about an air compressor pump, please upload at least one photo of it. This will help others identify the pump and compare it to the one on their compressor, OK?

Use the form below to upload your air compressor pumps information.

I’m delighted to add the following video, made by a clearly skilled craftsperson, about the rebuilding of a compressor pump. Well worth watching, though if you are considering undertaking a project such as this, I would hope that appropriate gloving and breathing masks would be used. Most enjoyable.

Thanks, Bill.

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