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A strange problem with Master Airbrush TC-20T Compressor?

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by Michael

Hi Bill,

So My TC-20T (compressor + tank) worked fine for a few days, and then stopped working while I was airbrushing. The pressure gauge read zero, and pulling the tank pressure release verified that there was no pressure at all.

TC-20T air brush air compressor
TC-20T air brush air compressor

I thought it likely overheated, so I let it cool overnight. When I plugged it in the next day and turned it on, it would quietly hum (much quieter than its normal operation noise), but no pressure would build in the tank.

The motor would heat up (become warm to the touch) but it wouldn’t work. Now the strange part: On a whim, I turned it on and flipped the entire thing upside down… And it started up! Now it will run for maybe 5 minutes right-side up (and maybe louder than originally, but its hard to tell) and then shut off… Then I have to let it cool and flip it upside down every-time to get it started again.

Any ideas on what might be the problem. I’m hoping there is something I can replace rather easily to get back to normal non-topsy-turvy operation.

Thanks for your help,

If it’s under warranty, take it back and get a new one.

I don’t know how old your TC-20T air brush air compressor is, or how much use it gets, but my first thought is that there may be a wire/connection loose that connects more securely when the compressor is over turned.

Failing that, I wonder if you are under powering the compressor by using a too long or too small extension cord or power bar?

Or, the start capacitor may be failing.

All of these, including testing the capacitor (if your motor has one) have pages on this site. Have a look, and please add a comment with what you did, or didn’t find.

New comment? New question? Please add it here, along with photos, to help others help you with your compressor and equipment problem!

By Bill Wade

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