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by jon
(Hampton NH 03844)

Getting an fault code of DM 1  on  a Kaeser SM11. What does this mean??

Kaeser SM11 air compressor
Kaeser SM11 air compressor


Photo of controller DM1?
by: Carl

Hi, I’m a Kaesar engineer but never heard or seen this fault code before? Could you repost the question with a photo of the controller showing the fault please?
Many Thanks



Kaeser Fault DM I
by: Anonymous

I found out what this means.

Over load relay…

Drive motor interlock …

SM 11.

Burnt out 10 HP 400 volt electric motor /230 volt, 3 phase.

Made in England from UK.


by: Carl

Ahhh ok, thanks Anonymous!

If it is motor overload then open the the electrical cabinet door, on one of the contactors there will be a blue or red reset button, press it and it should reset the motor overload.

If that doesn’t work then try turning the motor by hand with the belt off, it should spin freely, if not then your motor bearings will need replacing.


I have never seen it
by: Steve

I have worked on Kaeser compressors for many years
and as above never seen this fault message before


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